What is an FBH?

The FBH (Fuel Burning Heater) is essentially a miniature oil-fired boiler which burns diesel in order to produce heat which is transferred to the engine coolant.
The function of the heater is to assist the very efficient TDV6 & TDV8 engines to warm up on cold starts. One problem with modern diesels is that they are so efficient that during cold weather they don’t produce sufficient heat to warm the coolant enough to ensure efficient running.

If the outside air temp is below 6°C Engine temp less than 75°C Low fuel warning light NOT on the heater will automatically run once the engine is started.

When it starts (after about 1 minute from initial engine start) it may emit some smoke and steam from the front of the front left wheel arch. As the FBH reaches max power, it should burn cleanly with no smoke. You should not see smoke for more than a minute or so. You should see the smoke emitting from a small vertical exhaust located forward of the left-side front wheel.

You usually cannot control the operation of the FBH on the D3 or RRS, it is fully automatic.


What Does an FBH Controller Do?

The FBH controller is a small electronic module which is easily fitted to the FBH in around 15-20 mins.
The FBH is activated by using the 3rd button on your car keyfob to activate the headlights for a moment.
The controller will then send a Start command to the FBH to provide “Parking Heat”.
The controller can be set to run the FBH for either 15 minutes or 30 minutes.
The controller monitors the coolant temperature and will automatically shut down the FBH once 75°C is reached regardless of the run time selected.


Why use a FBH Controller?

Several Reasons…

  1.   The glowplugs fitted in the TDV6 engine to assist cold starting have a short lifespan and are notoriously difficult to remove without breaking inside the cylinder head.
    A result of faulty growplugs on a cold morning is an engine which is very difficult to start.
    By running the FBH using the remote staring controller for 10-20 mins will warm the engine sufficiently to assist in starting.

  2. Running the FBH using the remote for 20-30 mins on a frosty morning will result in a engine at near normal operating temp. When the engine is starting the interior heating fan will immediately blow warm air for instant defrosting and a comfortable journey.

  3. Engine wear is greatly increased when the engine is cold and oil is less efficient.
    Starting a warm engine will prolong the life of the engine.

  4. Engine emissions and fuel consumption are reduced on a warm engine.
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