Which vehicles is the fbh controller for?

The FBH Controller is for the Discovery 3 and Pre-facelift Range Rover Sport (V6 or V8 diesels) only.
The Discovery 4 model will be available soon.

My glowplugs have failed. will this help my engine start if cold?

This is why i originally developed the FBH controller for my own D3. 
The FBH will usually add enough heat to the engine after 10-15 mins of running to allow it to start. You can run the FBH for longer to heat the engine nearer operating temperature to allow the interior fan to blow warm air once started.

How Long Does Installation Take?

Usually between 15 to 30 mins.
If you have a Bull Bar fitted, it will mean removing the grill will take longer.

How is the FBH Started using The Controller?

Using the 3rd button on your keyfob which should be configured to operate the “Follow-me-home” headlights function.
A short headlight flash of 1-4 seconds will start the FBH.
A longer headlight flash of 6-10 seconds will stop the FBH

Will My FBH Still Start Automatically if i dont start it manually?

Yes.  Normal operation is not effected by fitting the FBH controller.
The FBH will still start as normal once the engine is started and the air temperature cold enough.

Does the fbh controller heat the inside of the car?

The FBH controller only runs the FBH which heats the engine coolant.
However, after if the FBH has been running long enough, the cabin heater will blow warm air as soon as the engine is started.

Does this unit require a sim card or do gps tracking?


Can i access this unit by my mobile phone / internet?

The FBH Controller is operated using the 3rd button on the vehicle remote only.
There is no outside access or security risk

But my 3rd button operates the boot release, not the headlights?

Not a problem.
The 3rd button is programmable to operate different things. This is detailed in your cars manual.
But to program to operate the headlights….
Ignition on, then off and remove the key.
Press and hold the 3rd button while simultaneously pulling the headlight flash stalk. 
The button will now operate the headlights. 

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